How the Night is Divided

“Its sense of place is dead to rights.” -Kirkus Review(On How Night is Divided)

“There are unforgettable scenes in How the Night Is Divided; haunting images that almost scorch the printed page.” -Washington Post Book World

“David Matlin has discovered a hallucinatory mix of dreams, myths, folktales and exacting factual realism. His hero Tom Green, moves in and out of the farmer’s troubled world, with its origins in Old Europe, and always he reminds the reader of our stake in the preservation of nature’s bounty. This is a novel of a new consciousness and energy, by turns lyrical and tough, historically factual and magically timeless, touching, comic and deeply concerned about the consequences of human curiosity.” -Angus Fletcher, author of Allegory: The Theory of a Symbolic Mode

“The desert landscape that dominates the consciousness of Matlin’s narrative comes fully alive; mystical, mysterious, haunting, it makes us believe the mythology it’s inspired. How the Night is Divided is a great achievement and a beautiful powerful book.” -Irini Spanidou, author of God’s Snake